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Finding Interactive Board Games Online

The advent of online gaming has brought traditional board games to every desktop and laptop around the world. To enjoy interactive board games online, you need to first find websites that feature a variety of games as well as an easy-to-use interface. 

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The future of family fun may rest on the Internet where families can play board games from multiple computers.

Advantages Of Interactive Board Games Online
The physical nature of traditional board games has several limitations.  Each board game in your closet takes up valuable space that can be used for clothing, office supplies, and other items.  Board game boxes are worn out quickly with frequent removal, opening, and replacement in closets.  For games like Monopoly™ with myriad pieces, players may begin to lose figurines, money, and other elements needed to follow the rules.  Your board games may begin to fall behind the times, especially trivia games where questions are easily memorized after a few rounds.  Interactive board games throughout the Internet eliminate these concerns while offering fun experiences to people of all ages. 

The evolution of online gaming has brought board games into the 21st century.  Quiz games like Trivial Pursuit™ can be limiting as time progresses and multiple games have been played.  This board game classic adapted for the Internet can access millions of topics to keep players on their toes.  Game designers are also giving classic games like Monopoly™ makeovers for a new generation of players.  With advanced game programming, players can experience new boards, new avatars, and new variables to traditional board games.  The future of family fun may rest on the Internet where families can play board games from multiple computers.  In the meantime, avid players can find interactive board games online to challenge competitors around the world.®® is one of the leading sources for card, board, and video games on the Internet.  This website attracts hundreds of thousands of players around the world each day, thanks to its diverse game options.® houses more than 1,500 games without charging a dime to any player.  To get started, you can try out the Game of the Day linked to the main page.  You can also read the website’s games blog to learn about the latest entries to the® family.  If you are interested in board games, you can simply click on the Card & Board link at the top of the main page. 

Your favorite board games may not feature hungry hippos, pewter figurines, or Rube Goldstein devices.  Many gamers want simple board games through their online gaming websites.® accommodates these preferences with classic board games like chess, mahjongg, and dominoes.  These games are spiced up for the Internet with amusing graphics and adjustable boards.  You can also easily get back to card games, Solitaire, and other options by heading to the Card & Board sidebar.®® is the main competitor to® in terms of general games websites.  This company offers a dozen board games easily accessible from its landing page.  You can test your financial skills and mettle with competitors worldwide with Monopoly Here & Now™Trivial Pursuit Daily 20™ allows you to show off your knowledge of pop culture, history, and science with new questions daily.  The online version of Risk allows multiple competitors to see who can complete the mad dash to take over the world.® appeals to users around the world with multiple language options.  You can sign up for an account to participate in daily drawings and regular competitions.  As you progress through®, you may want to join Club Pogo to avoid ads and gain access to premium content.  With nearly two million members,® is motivated to offer new and redesigned board games in the near future. 

Hasbro Games®

Hasbro Games® is one of the most recognized names among consumers interested in board games.  This company has been responsible for producing Battleship™, Yahtzee™, and Pictionary™ over the past few decades.  These board games are still sold by the millions to consumers around the world.  Hasbro Games® is making the transition to online gaming by updating some of these games while developing new games.  The Hasbro Games® website makes it easy to find interactive board games and video games without wasting time.  You only need to head to the Online Games link from the main page to find your favorite interactive board game. 

This menu of interactive games shows the company’s efforts to bridge the past with the present.  As you peruse the list of board games, you will see familiar names like Battleship™ and Connect Four™ available in online form.  Designers at Hasbro Games® have brought these classics into the 21st century with new boards and premises.  You can play a series of mini-games with the board game Battleship Fleet™.  Connect Four Launch Four™ is a new interpretation of the classic board game that allows you to shoot chips into the air.  Clue Secrets & Spies Game™ combines great graphics with the subtleties of a murder-mystery game. 


Your search for an interactive board game need not be restricted to industry giants.  The Internet has allowed individual designers and small firms to create their own board games without large overhead costs.  Gamezhero® is among this vanguard of new gaming companies that have benefitted from the virtual marketplace.  The website for Gamezhero® says that it has free games available 24/7 with interactive gaming possible in some circumstances.  Gamezhero® also offers forums that allow gamers to speak with each other and discuss their favorite games. 

This gaming website simplifies the online play experience with an interface that requires no downloads or updates.  You will find a variety of interactive board games to keep you occupied for hours.  1066 is a game based around the historic Battle of Hastings where users can play the English and the Vikings.  Gas’n’Go is a board game simulator where you can expand your gas station from rags to riches with the right moves.  Battle Gear is an interactive board game where you can play as the Russians, Germans, or Americas during World War II.  You can shake up your board game variety by heading to Gamezhero®.